Evaluate your project under these factors: Location, Life Span, Installer and Surface Condition,



For DIY projects we recommend a removable wallpaper type. Peel and Sticks are preferred by many but we recommend a traditional type if ...

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Interior Decor

Peel and Stick wallpapers are becoming an absolute favorite for easier home refresh projects.

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Avoid using peel and stick wallappers in shower areas and be mindful of a few recommendations we have for you….

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We do not recommend removable peel and stick wallpapers on ceilings and let me explain to you why…

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Commercial locations are high traffic areas, avoid removable peel and stick for your commercial space...

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Wallpapering RVs is trendy and tricky at the same time, subject to drastic temperature fluctuation, we do not recommend peel and stick when...

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wallpaper life span


Fun fact: all our wallpapers are “removalbe” in one way or another….

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Another fun fact: our "removable" wallpapers can stay forever, and our "permanent" wallpapers can be removed

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Talk to the installer about the wallpaper you intend to purchase, ask for experience with those specific materials. Many professionals just won’t touch peel and stick wallpapers, for them we offer traditional options. So it’s a great idea to ask before buying.

surface condition:

textured walls

Walls are textured to avoid finishing them, as a result they are not plumb. It is normal to find deformations like raised or depressed areas. Textures themselves have different rates of deformation. All this can cause the wallpaper not to align properly in some areas, affecting the overall quality of the finished project.

Textured walls are not technically suitable for wallpapers.