Advice, Tips & Tricks

Peel and Stick Wallpapers over Low VOC Paints 
We have been having a lot of troubles with our removable wallpapers peeling off from apparent perfect surfaces. Fortunately with the help of our industry leaders, suppliers and fellow installers we have been able to determine the issue more clearly...
How to repair peel and stick wallpaper falling off the wall
What could cause a wallpaper to peel off at corners, edges, between panels, top of the wall or even fall off completely and abruptly off the wall? A removable wallpaper is not safe when installed over texture (Safety Information Link). Going for it is your sole responsibility but securing the wallpaper with this instruction may be a great help to avoid a fall off the wall. We will repair peel and stick removable wallpaper with a heavy duty permanent adhesive double sided tape. This repair works when you have minor lifting, at edges, top, bottom, when troubles are starting to show.
Advice when hiring a professional wallpaper installer 

If you are thinking of an installer look for the service before purchasing the wallpaper. Talk to the installer about the wallpaper you intend to purchase, ask for experience with those specific materials. Many old school pros just won’t touch peel and stick wallpapers, and for them we offer Traditional Pre-pasted. So it’s a great idea to always ask them before buying. Make sure your wall is appropriate, your wallpaper material is the right one for your project, require them to follow instructions provided, watch and supervise closely everything.

Peel and Stick Installation Challenges and how to Solve Them
Your experience with wallpapers will affect the outcome of your installation. If you haven't done wallpaper before but you are ultra detail oriented you will have a hard time installing wallpaper. If you have no experience (even if you are handy) expect some minor misalignments and try to look at the overall project rather than tiny details. 
Where to Install
Got textured walls? Then you need to read this... Most common questions we receive daily are regarding wall textures and suitable wall surfaces for installing wallpaper. Koko Art Shop wallpapers are designed to be installed over smooth, clean and painted walls....
Measure your space

Measuring correctly is the most crucial step when purchasing wallpapers! Avoid measuring with phone apps since they are not as accurate as they seem (we know by a lot of experience dealing with measuring issues). Use a measuring tape always!