Advice, Tips & Tricks

Why do you sell so many wallpaper materials?
Because after years going through customer issues it’s not a scenario of one material to fit all walls. 
Peel and Stick Wallpaper to last for long time
Securing you removable wallpaper with a trim will guarantee a healthy lasting on the wall.
Peel and Stick Wallpapers over Low VOC Paints 
Low VOC paints needs to be washed before applying peel and stick wallpaper with rubbing alcohol.
How to repair peel and stick wallpaper falling off

 This is not a professional repair, we recommend doing it to save your wallpaper from more deterioration but individual results may vary.

Advice when hiring a professional wallpaper installer 

Look for the service before purchasing the wallpaper. Talk to the installer about experience with those specific materials...

Peel and Stick Challenges and how to Solve Them
Your experience with wallpapers will affect the outcome. If you have never done it expect some minor misalignments and try to look at the overall project.
Where to Install
Got textured walls? Then you need to read this... Koko Art Shop wallpapers are designed to be installed over smooth, clean and painted walls....
Measure your space

Use a measuring tape always! Avoid measuring with phone apps since they are not as accurate as they seem.