Please read instruction thoroughly before installing wallpaper:

  • Before contracting a professional wallpaper installer request for specific experience with self adhesive and peel and stick wallpaper. If possible consult them prior purchase about your project and the materials you want to acquire. Provide them with samples if possible. Check yourself for overall merchandise quality before installation: pattern repeat, overlap and material stability before handing it to your installer (take pictures). Ask your installer to make the same quality check before starting. Make sure they read carefully the instructions included with the order and supervise they are being followed. If possible supervise closely the entire project.
  • Hanging wallpaper is a two-person project. For best results start and finish installation in a single session, don’t leave the project unfinished for next day. Reserve 1 hour per sheet to install.
  • Surface should be undamaged, clean, dry, free of mold, mildew, grease, or stains. Check for deformations in the structure of the wall. Verify that moisture or water vapor infiltration is not present. If mold or mildew is present, or if walls show visible moisture damage, do not install until the condition has been fully corrected by a qualified expert.
  • Make sure the walls are clean of all debris and that the surface is smooth. Spackle and smooth out any holes or rough areas. Smooth all sanded or drywall texture . In order to insure good adhesion, remove old wall covering and loose paint flakes. Prime the wall with a suitable acrylic primer and let dry for 4 weeks before installing.
  • Don’t apply wallpaper over a previous wallpaper.
  • If the surface has been recently painted or primed, do not install the wallpaper. All paints contain polymers and additives that keep reacting weeks after painting, this late reaction in an apparently dry surface will cause the wallpaper to lift off little after installation. Wait 4 weeks before installing wallpaper
  • Unpack and unfold the sheets at least 48 hours before application, the wallpaper must adapt to the installation environment, humidity levels, and temperature conditions. Before hanging, be sure the pattern and color are satisfactory as specified, examine pattern matching for color uniformity and repeat.
  • In case of Murals install the material in numerical roll sequence starting with the lowest (1) number.
  • Start always from left to right of the wall.
  • Pay special attention to the correct installation of your first sheet. The most crucial step in hanging wallpaper is making sure the first strip is straight and level. This will impact the rest of the room so it is important to take your time and do this first step correctly.

Do not use if:

  • Your walls are textured or sanded (pre-treat the wall with joint-compound to smoothen the surface before purchasing wallpaper).
  • If you recently painted your walls (wait at least 4 weeks before installing wallpaper).
  • Your walls are dirty or dusty.
  • Your walls have mold or humidity spots.
  • The wall paint is lifting off.
  • It will be exposed to constant heat or direct flames.
  • Covering old wallpaper or other elements on the wall.
Download the instructions here: