Overlap?! What 's that???

How it works and how to remove it!

*This article applies exclusively to Koko Art Shop wallpapers.

All our wallpaper panels have one (1) extra inch for overlap purpose in addition to the listed width. Overlap area is mandatory to ensure the quality of our wallpapers and can be removed or left by the customer. While calculating wallpaper do not consider the overlap since it will be covered by the consecutive panel.

For the purpose of this article we have left the Guide Strip at the top of the panels but in a real install this strip needs to be cut before or after installing your wallpaper. 

When you unbox a multiple panel order form Koko Art Shop you will see the panel’s edges “won't match”. Whatttt???

This is not a defect. It is actually a feature that allows you to install a beautiful and seamless wallpaper. We will show you how to work with it and to remove it if you like!


“All our orders are produced with a mandatory Overlap to ensure the quality of our wallpapers. While calculating how many panels you will need please do not consider the overlap since it will be covered by the consecutive panel.”



The Overlap sign you see at the top right of each one of your panels means that the panel's edges need to be superposed for 1 full inch one on top of the other. You need to place the next panel 1 full inch over the previous one. 


Once the panels are in the right placement you will see the Overlap “disappear” as in the Image.


This is how a regular installation looks when accounting for the Overlap. 

Depending on the surface and the light in your room you might see more or less of the edges and you may want to remove it.


How to remove the Overlap

Removing the Overlap is fairly simple and it is a step we recommend done right after you finish your wallpaper install.

Pretty much all you need is a sharp knife.

Locate the center of your Overlap area and cut through the Center of the Overlap top to bottom.


Make the line as straight as possible cutting through both layers of wallpaper. 


Once it is all cut though remove the remnant on the left.


 Lift the edge from the right panel and remove the remnant from the right panel. 


 You do not need to remove the panel just lift the edge. as you move down the strip will peel out without totally removing the right side panel.


Now you have removed half of the overlap in each side you just need to paste the edge you have lifted back into place.

And your project is beautifully finished!