All our Murals and Wallpapers are produced with a Overlap to ensure the quality of our wallpapers.

The "Overlap" sign you see at the top of each one of your panels means the edges ned to be superposed for 1 full inch one on top of the other. You nee to place the next panel 1 full inch over the previous one.

We do not recommend the removal of the overlap for any type of Peel and Stick wallpaper. Peel and Stick wallpapers contract a bit over time. Removing completely the overlap can cause the wall to show through the wallpaper seam some time after installation.

When installing over a texture wall (with a suitable material) do not remove the overlap. It helps maintain the dimensional stability of the whole installation.

Removal of the overlap is optional but in many cases not recommended.

Defects that can arise after the removal of the overlap when not recommended.

How to remove the Overlap

Step 1:

Locate the center of your Overlap and cut with a sharp knife top to bottom throughout both layers of wallpaper, then remove the remnant on the left.

Step 2:

Lift the edge of the panel to the right exposing the remaining Overlap, pull out the remnant on the right.

Step 3

Once removed half of the Overlap on each side, paste the edge lifted into place. And done!