Wall Requirements


Your wall needs to be painted and dry for a successful install. Recently painted walls need to dry for 4 weeks.

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Wall in good condition and clean, no humidity or cracking paint. Wash the wall with rubbing alcohol prior wallpapering.

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A perfect wallpaper requires experience and a perfect wall. Expect small misalignments for walls with irregularities or texture.

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Despite you won't find this Safety Disclaimer at other wallpaper sites, this information applies for any removable peel and stick wallpaper (not only our brand), unless the manufacturer specifically recommends a product for textured walls.  

Removable peel and stick wallpapers are COMPLETELY SAFE when used on smooth painted walls, undamaged, with no cracking paint, dry paint, and without humidity or mold. 


Removable peel and stick wallpapers have low grade adhesive. This allows removal without wall damage, but needs full contact with the wall surface. As texture makes the wall irregular, the wallpaper has less contact area to stay attached.

🙌 smooth walls

A smooth wall, adequate for any type of wallpaper is flat and free of deformations. Wall has been skimmed coated and sanded prior priming and paint.

Examples of smooth walls:

Smooth Wall Ex. 1

This optimal smooth wall is very flat, spray painted for smooth finish.

Smooth Wall Ex. 2

Smooth wall with a bit of paint roller nap grain. Surface is overall smooth and free of deformation.

Smooth Wall Ex. 3

Admissible surface deformation in smooth walls: Paint was applied with a thick roller nap, causing irregular look. Beyond this point the wall is considered textured.

textured walls

A textured walls has not been skim coated and sanded. It has irregular finish.

⚠️ If your texture is heavier than the examples below, Long Term Peel and Stick will not hold!

Examples of textured walls:

Textured Wall Ex. 1

Irregular surface. Joint compound was applied as an irregular finish.

Textured Wall Ex. 2

Raw brick, any surface looking like this is heavily textured.

Textured Wall Ex. 3

Joint compound was applied as an irregular finish. Variations of this texture are common interior finishings.

Sand Paint additives

Avoid sand paint additives. When sand has been added to the paint peel and stick wallpaper won't hold. 

Damaged Walls

Wallpapers will not attach to unpainted walls, old cracking paints, humid walls.

do not

Install wallpaper over unpainted walls

do not

Install wallpaper over cracked paint

do not

Install wallpaper over humid walls


Scuff resistant paints, stain blocking paints and low VOC paints can affect wallpaper adhesion.To avoid issues wash the wall with 70% rubbing alcohol and let dry for couple hours prior wallpapering.



Wallpaper preforms optimally between 65F and 80F. Temperature, humidity fluctuations, nearby heating vents will affect long term performance.


Do not use a wallpaper to cover old wallpaper. It might either not stick at all, or bond permanently.


Never glue baby signs, decor or shelving with double sided tape to a wallpaper. Elements need to be physically attached to the wall using nails or screws.