HAZARD OF SUFFOCATION AND DEATH for babies and infants when a removable wallpaper is installed on a textured wall inside the bedroom where they sleep.

Removable wallpapers are NOT SAFE when installed on textured walls. After installation the wallpaper will appear to be adhered to the wall for days or weeks followed by a moderate to abrupt fall off the wall. It can range from a vertical fall to an angled peel off with a fall projected forward; a crib or bed in the trajectory of a falling wallpaper is a potential a suffocation hazard. Incidents happen commonly during the colder hours of the night when sleep babies and infants are less monitored.

Removable wallpapers (Removable Peel & Stick and Canvas Peel & Stick) are COMPLETELY SAFE when used as per our specifications: on smooth painted walls, undamaged, with no cracking paint, dry paint, and without humidity exposure. 

If you wish to still use a Removable wallpaper but your wall is textured you need to smooth the wall with joint compound first, let it dry, apply a layer of paint and also let it dry prior wallpapering. 

Our Long Term Peel and Stick will allow a secure installation over walls with irregular finishes and mild texture, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee adhesion over a heavily textured wall.

Please notice we have not experienced any tragic accident with our products, reported incidents have luckily been of nurseries for unborn babies. We all are parents working hard to not only have environmentally safe products but also to secure the safety of our babies and a long lasting installation.

Examples of textured walls you need to avoid:

A textured wall is any wall that is not perfectly and totally smooth and without imperfections. Decorative wall finishings with the presence of irregularities on the surface of the wall is considered texture.

Some textures are very easy to determine but others not, for example: a Sanded wall may look like a smooth, unfortunately that is the worst surface to install any peel and stick or traditional wallpaper. Do not install wallpapers on any of the surfaces listed below:


Removable adhesive has a good structural resistance but a low grade of adhesion, “low-tack” as it is commonly referred. While this feature allows you to remove it with no structural damage and replace them freely, it also needs a full contact surface to stay put. Also consider each panel of wallpaper can weigh up to 2 pounds, for a low-tack adhesive trying to hold two pounds vertically without a good attachment will fall. 

It was super cute and then…. it is not….

An idea of how little texture is necessary to ruin 8 hours of work and hundreds of dollars in supplies.

The wall looks like smooth from a distance but when you zoom you can see the orange peel texture.