About us


We’ve been printing custom wallpapers locally since 2008. At that time we had a sign and printing shop with one printer and did a few custom wallpaper projects here and there. Mainly worked for others but in our free time we developed a collection of personal art. Around 2017 we found Etsy, (an amazing marketplace for creatives) while looking for a place to sell our designs.

We started small but we are amazed by how much the love for our wallpapers has grown over the years. Nowadays our collection has grown a lot! Our exclusive designs are our all time best sellers but we have expanded in collaboration and licensing with popular artists. 

We are focused on the beauty of each one of our arts but also the quality for the materials we offer, sourcing always for national trusted suppliers. All you will find at our shop is custom printed by us, we ship worldwide from our beautiful workshop in Florida.

We are located in Miami inside the Bird Road Art District, a business area with a focus on local artists. We have a state of the art facility where we design, produce and pack everything, all in one single location.

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During these last 6 years Etsy marketplace has been amazing and we will remain present there. But looking for the best tools to offer the right type of customizations, our products require we developed this website, so your experience with us is even better!

Sustainable Art

From the beginning we have been profoundly worried about the sustainable side of a wallpaper business and the way we can help our planet while living off a commodity like art.  

We do not hold inventory, that means we don’t print tons of paper to be stored at a warehouse waiting for an order, or discarded into wasteland if it does not sell. 

 We print on demand everything, from the samples which are freshly made everyday to the biggest order. All that’s stored at our warehouse are rolls of white paper for printing.

Our Latex inks are a water based and non toxic printing system, the most ecological in the market. Safe for our kids and also for the environment. Our printers ensure security for our workers as the process is clean and free of gasified toxins present in other technologies, simplifies the handling process and the safe disposal of discarded inks. 

We work with 100% national and if possible local manufacturers, from our papers, fabrics, shipping boxes, printing equipment. 

Manufacturing Process 

Our production starts with our designers, we have two awesome designers who prepare all your artworks. Every time you order a mural it is custom prepared by one of our designers and you receive a proof to review or approve. After requested corrections have been made the designer prepares the print file and hands the order to production.

All our orders are printed in our mega latex printer on very big paper rolls. It is awesome to watch all those beautiful arts coming out of the printer!

After that panels are cut out of the printing rolls with our very accurate wallpaper cutter and sorted by order. As panels are cut out there is a bit of chaos since in a roll or paper many orders are printed so they need to be organized per customer and per order.

When everything is figured out there comes a very time consuming quality control where one of our production associates checks the quality of the papers, the cut, the pattern repeat and art match of each panel. 

Out of quality control orders are safely packed for shipping. Every single afternoon our very own UPS driver (Hector) picks up the orders to be headed your way as soon as possible. Unfortunately USPS ... well… still need to use USPS since our samples ship at an economy flat rate which allows us to offer affordable samples, to make them arrive on time we take them to the post office every afternoon. 

Consciously Growing 

We started very small, like with a 12 inch ruler and a very very old and outdated wide format printer. Our growth and learning process has been organic, no investors or loans just with the business income, we are passionate about what we do, the end goal is to keep doing it as a family. Our dream is to go to work everyday without knowing it. Sometimes we find ourselves bored during the weekend and worried about the customer service emails, if someone has a problem and we are not there… ohh that feeling!

Ultimately is not about making wallpapers, our slogan is: enjoy your space everyday. That’s what we want to share: create a positive and beautiful environment where you can feel whole and grow.