Koko Art Shop is a family owned Art Studio and Workshop located at the Bird Road Art District in Miami, Florida. We design, produce and pack our products under one roof with the highest quality materials while being wallet friendly. 

We work mainly with local decorators for commercial projects, designing, and producing with a great team of professional installers and thousand of successful projects. Since this is what we know and have been doing for the last 15 years Koko Art Shop's website launched with the dream to make available our products to anyone, anywhere.

Because of the nature of our business we can customize and adapt your products to any need or use. Please contact us at support@kokoartshop.com if you need a Custom Quote and if you are local come and visit us, find at the footer our Contact Info to make an appointment. We also offer installation services for our products mainly for Broward, Dade, and Homestead area, but we are available to go anywhere you need!