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Morning Forest Mural
Chesley Perry
Looks Great but Takes Patience!

My husband and I used this wallpaper in our son’s nursery. Everything shipped to us had clear directions and was packaged well. Lining up the panels was difficult in some areas, especially the first panel, so we had to redo a few strips 3-4x until we got it close enough to the overlap areas. Up close it felt like you were doing it wrong but stepping back it looked fine. Try not to pull the paper too much as that’ll cause it to stretch. Also a tip we found was to use a push pin and make a tiny hole in the areas we couldn’t get bubbles out of, then rub with your finger. Once complete it does look great but just takes some patience.

Winter Forest Mural
Stephanie Edwards
Love the wall mural! (Etsy review import)

Love the wall mural! We put it in our baby girls nursery with purple walls and it turned out great. Exactly what we wanted! NOTE- it definitely take about 6 hours for 6 panels. Panels 1, 2, and 5 took 4 hours alone. The other panels went quicker. Just depends on what part of the art you’re trying to match up.

Sweet Pink Peony

I can't begin to tell you how happy I was with the sample and how quickly it arrived. The large size was a great help in making my decision, as well as picking out paint colors for the rest of the room. I can't wait to see the finished room (once I order the full mural and get it up)!

Foggy Mountains at Dusk Wallpaper Mural

Great product

I would definitely recommend this seller. The wallpaper itself is a great quality. The only issue is I would say is the time it actually took to put the wallpaper on the wall. It’s very time consuming but overall I’m very happy with the way it came out. The colors are gorgeous.

Watercolor Landscape Mural
Tori Rockenbaugh
Love it!!

We ordered this mural to be an accent wall in our nursery. We absolutely love how it turned out! The mural came in four panels which they suggest to set an hour for each panel. They were not lying! Luckily the mural is a peel and stick so we were able to adjust it how we wanted. Shipping and processing was also a lot faster than expected. I would definitely order from them again!

Amazing product!

The wallpaper looks magnificent ! I chose canvas texture. And surprisingly it was easy to install, just follow the instructions . I love how it turned out!

Beautiful result

I chose permanent peel and stick and had this professionally installed. The result is beautiful and my daughter was very happy.


I am looking to do one bedroom wall , the pattern I ordered is absolutely stunning , as soon as I save enough I defiantly will be buying more . I could not believe how pretty and the quality was

Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Fabulous and easy to work with wallpaper. I was on the hunt for a botanical design, and this design is absolutely PERFECT! And it comes in different color backgrounds to boot! I'll be coming back for more as the selection of papers is unreal. Thank you!

Winter Forest Mural
Lauren Kelly
I am so happy with this wall paper!

It was really easy to install. I like the overlap guide at the top of each roll, that was extremely helpful. I even goofed up aligning one of the roles and had to take off nearly the whole sheet. Was worried that it would tear or stretch but it didn’t. Really well made product! I’ll definitely be a repeat customer!

Would like if a full room view accompanied sample
Good quality paper and image!

Beautiful Mural!

The mural works perfectly in this second bedroom/office! It wasn't even as difficult to put up as anticipated! The hardest part was lining up the large white sections because they had no pattern. I'm really really pleased with the turnout. Thank you so much Koko!


These decals were beyond my expectations. So beautiful and worked perfectly with the space. It was simple to put up and the directions were very easy to follow.

Wild Garden Floral Mural

This wall paper is so BEAUTIFUL!! It literally looks like I have a painted mural in my daughters room. Everything matches up perfect. It was my first time putting up wallpaper so it was hard. Just make sure you really take your time and do a little at a time. Read the directions and make sure your wall is smooth. Worth every penny! You won’t regret once it’s up!

Sunshine Garden Mural
Carly Zeitlin

Turned out so beautiful! I spent a little extra and bought the canvas material and it did not disappoint! Made it feel a little more luxurious. The wallpaper process was a little harder than we expected. Still well worth it though! Also became a little easier/faster to lay with each panel.

Pretty easy to use, and the paper felt nice and heavy duty.

Nursery Decal

The video and instructions helped immensely with the application. A few areas seemed to be more creased and harder to smooth out or unable to smooth out due to the way they were shipped in a roll. Other than that I absolutely love how they turned out!

Really pretty and great quality

The colors are very pretty and it was super easy to install.

Absolutely everything I hoped for!

I grabbed a roll of this for my grooming shop and I am more in love with it in person than I am with the photos! Such beautiful good quality paper and looks amazing on the door. A bonus- fast shipping! Thank you so much!

Perfect accent wall

The decals were just what I was looking for in accent wall decor.

So happy with the result

Highly recommend this seller. Everything was great ,beginning with fast response of how my order will look like ,fast shipping and well packed items. Instructions were easy to follow but still need to be very patient to do the work ,so if you have lack of patience just hire someone to do the job for you. It took to me about 4 hours to finish.


The company was so easy to work with. Fast shipping. They sent me the exact dimensions I needed for my nursery. The paper is stunning and was easy to put up.

Canvas texture is amazing!

Love the canvas texture. The plastic smoothing tool included with all shipments worked well. Any air bubbles left over from me pulling parts up and reapplying disappeared after I pricked them with a needle. For little folds just use your finger to smooth. The canvas texture is very forgiving. My wall wasn’t 100% smooth even after sanding. There weren’t any raised parts on my textured walls but there indents. Canvas texture covered everything and stuck very well. I had painted the wall bright white with two coats a month before. The black/white peony mural is bright white and I noticed with the sample mailed to me that the light gray wall would show through it. After applying the mural I didn’t cut away the overlap because you couldn’t see it at all, again this is because I started with a white wall and there was no color difference where the wall paper was double layered on the overlap. The company was very easy to work with. The first proof they sent me was enlarged and only had a couple peonies because they were so large. I asked them to size the peonies to fit multiple in my mural and I loved the 2nd proof. Great product! Would order again.

So pretty, I’m obsessed

This was exactly what I was looking for. I’m using it as a background for my retail store candle display. Perfect color combo, and really pretty. Also, really nice thick quality paper. Love it!