Measure and Order

Use a
measuring Tape

The first tool you will need in your wallpaper project is a measuring tape.

⛔️ Never use a phone app to measure a wall, they are not as accurate as they seem.

round up inches

Measure Width and Height of your space in inches, never work with fractions, round up to the next integer number.

Measure width and height

Measure Width and Height of your space in inches. Measure Height floor to ceiling, and Width wall to wall.

wall deformations

Walls are almost never perfectly straight. Take the same measurements in different places: measure Width at top and bottom of the wall, measure Height at left and right edge. While Width and Height “should” be consistent don’t worry if numbers are 1 - 2 inches off, this means your wall has a small deformation. 

When ordering always add a couple inches to your measurements both Width and Heigh to stay safe in case of wall deformation.



Measure the tallest and widest point. Cut the remnants during installation.


Measure the tallest and widest point. Cut the remnants during installation.


Measure the overall area Width and Height, as if there were no windows or doors. Install and cut around the elements when applying 


Either combine the width of the walls and submit only one order. Or submit separate measurements as individual murals, request the art to match throughout them.


Murals are big scale arts without a repeat rate. Order by the size of your wall. Your can order half walls too. Have it customized and printed. Your order will be divided into even numbered panels for installation.

how to order

Patterns with a steady repeat rate are sold by panels. To cover one entire wall you will need multiple panels. Order multiple panels in the Quantity selector. We offer a wide range of panel heights to accommodate all types of projects.

All our wallpapers have a straight match, so they match when you put them one next to the other.

When combining panel heights within an order, consider the design always match at the top.