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The Traditional Pre-pasted has dry glue that needs to be water activated while the Peel&Stick options have active glue in the back protected by a backing paper that needs to be removed in order to expose the glue and paste the paper to the wall.Β Β 

Choosing the right one depends on where it will be placed, if you will have a Pro, or how long do you want it on the wall... 🀯

While the way it’s installed varies throughout materials they are all carefully designed not only to fit technical needs but to be executed by non professionals.

Even the Pros work in pairs so look for friends of family for help with the install no matter the size. πŸ‘«πŸ‘­πŸ‘¬

Sample Sample Sample Always

A Sample is the best and pretty much the sole way to really see the material, color and suitability for your project. We sell affordable Samples from all our products so you can check them out before moving forward with a big order. Devices such as phones and computers do not always reflect how a color will look in real life so the best way to decide is with the real thing. Color may vary slightly throughout materials, if you are not sure of which one to choose order Samples of all. πŸ€“

To maintain color consistency all our Samples are made to order and their production schedule is much faster so you can receive them right away.

Last but most important: the Samples are available at the product's listing.

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