Our Long Term Peel and Stick is an awesome removable material designed with a durable adhesive to ensure a long lasting installation over surfaces where low grade adhesives (Removable Peel and Stick | Canvas Peel and Stick) just won’t work.


Want a long term installation but want to stay free of the hassle of traditional wallpapers? This is your solution.

If you are installing a full bathroom or a laundry room this is the one to go. If you are doing a commercial space when people interact with the wallpaper and might be tempted to lift it, this is the one to go with. 

If your wall has an irregular finish or mild surface texture this is the only wallpaper we recommend to use. Wallpapers have their limitations and we do not guarantee adhesion of the Long Term Peel and Stick over heavily textured walls. If you are not sure about the degree of texture on your walls please get a sample and test it in location. 


Install this wallpaper preferably over paint finishes from satin to gloss. The adhesion over flat or matte finishes is stronger and may cause damage on the wall paint when removal.

Consider the more flat and free of imperfections the more adhesion you will achieve and the longest will be in optimal conditions.  

As more surface deformation over the wall the less the adhesive will hold. Because of its durable adhesive the Long Term Peel and Stick will hold over imperfect walls or walls with mild texture on the surface, but consider the more the texture the less will stick. For that reason you need to stay away from very heavy textures. 


Textured walls are modern inventions to finish wall surfaces in less time while hiding drywall seams and other building imperfections. Wallpapers ( all of them from traditional to peel and stick types)are not compatible with texture on the walls. 

Over Textured surfaced peel and stick wallpapers cannot bond optimally, for that reason peel and stick wallpapers with very soft adhesive simply fall off a textured wall. Because the adhesive in the Long Term Peel and Stick is stronger and more durable it will hold over mild textured surfaces.

Over textured walls the Long term Peel and Stick cannot bond optimally so as more surface deformation is present less adhesion will be experienced. When a surface is too heavily textured not even the Long Term Peel and Stick will hold.


A durable adhesive does not imply it is in any way more difficult to install than other types of peel and stick wallpaper. 

Yes you can perfectly do it, read the instructions, watch the video a couple times and be patient. If your area is complex, inside a bath, or have elements on the wall as doors or windows, we advise you to look for the help of a pro.


The removal process is possible without causing much damage to the wall. Expect (even on textured walls) to lift some paint chips while removing it, and if you soften the material with a blow dryer in Hot setting it will be even easier to remove.

The removal from surfaces with paint finishes flat or matte will lift more paint off the wall but won’t damage the wall. 


Peel and Stick materials are a world of their own, A traditional wallpaper installer might not have the knowledge to work with peel and stick materials, even less a permanent one. This is a fact of life we have experienced many times. The day of installation they arrive and find a peel and stick, some might just leave, others might try to make it and it doesn’t go right. It is common for a professional traditional wallpaper installer to be handed a peel and stick and just bypass all instructions for use, an extremely high percentage of customer service inquiries for installation issues involve a professional installer. 


Avoid using Long Term Peel and Stick over a recently painted wall, the fumes for a recently painted wall ruin the adhesive of this wallpaper. Wait at least 4 weeks after painting to install a wallpaper

This wallpaper has a matte surface but because of the level of ink saturation on very dark prints this wallpaper can look more satin than flat matte. Order a sample if you want to check the shine with dark prints.