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Absolutely beautiful!! Great quality

Love the way this mural changed the feeling of my skincare clinic! Makes the ceiling my statement piece.

Beautiful wallpaper - long term peel & stick

This wallpaper is beautiful! The colors are exactly as shown in the pictures. The wallpaper looks lovely on my slightly textured wall, as the wallpaper print itself has a slight texture because the print is of flowers. We got it installed through a professional, as we didn’t want to take any chances. Highly recommend!

Summer Vacay
Daniela Mazzaglia
Spectacular quality

Really good quality but really tough to apply hehe it was so hard work

Dakota Mural
Alexandra Durco

We couldn’t be happier. We received our wallpaper on time. The quality is beautiful. And installation wasn’t difficult! Our nursery turned out better than we expected.

Peony Bouquet in the Forest

Gorgeous print, brutal installation

I adore this print as it adds subtle texture to the room. The price is also reasonable, and after comparing a couple of options for a few days, this felt like the best choice. The product shipped on time and came earlier than expected, which was a helpful thing, although I had to be present for the carrier to drop it off & get my signature.
Installation was difficult to say the least. We watched the tutorial videos given online and read through the info brochure/poster thoroughly before even touching anything, and it still was frustrating and took much longer than expected. The primary issue we found was that the print strangely was aligning perfectly at some points, but not at others, which led to some parts of the pattern matching, but some were off. I worked very slowly and carefully to be precise, and can only think to attribute this misalignment to the "overlap" areas between the panels creating some visual confusion. This might be a hurdle with any wallpaper project -- not sure.
In the end, the project came out beautifully, but the process was grueling and defeating when I'd have to re-do an entire section, and hope that it didn't warp or distort the paper too much each time I pulled it back to up make an adjustment. So far, the paper is sticking well, and I've seen very minimal bubbling.

Beautiful print!

I installed it on a dresser which was a 2 person job and not the easiest project but it turned out beautiful.

Beautiful Print

This is a beautiful print. I purchased the canvas peel and stick and the weight and texture are perfect. I transformed the vibe in my guest room easily. Highly recommend.

Neutral Monstera Mural
Janelly Torres
Simple & Easy

Easy to use, install, and overall great quality.

Long term peel and stick no good

Do not buy the peel and stick. Stick to the pre pasted or non pasted. Koko art convinced my wife that would be fine on our walls after I told her to get the pre pasted one or non pasted. Not even ten minutes into the install just trying to line up the guid line on first panel. It removed a major chunk of paint off my wall that is only 4 months old.

We are so truly sorry you went through this issue. Unfortunately we weren't able to find an order associated with this review. Please contact us with your order number even if you ordered via other marketplace like Esty. If our team gave you any wrongful advice we will gladly replace your order for the material of your preference.

Great quality

The packaging, quality, and directions were all great. Wallpapering is never easy when you have to match up patterns but the result is very much worth it. The only way I can describe the color is "greige". I have gotten so many compliments on this.

Malibu Beach Wallpaper
Lindsey Bachmann
Great wallpaper

Turned out great. Beautiful and great quality. Instructions are easy to understand and the wallpaper is easy to use once you get going.

Incredible Product!

This is such a high quality product and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

beautiful and worthwhile

Gorgeous mural that complements any room! Once you get the first and second panel on the walls it’s smith sailing from there. Make sure to follow the instructions especially for the overlap. Would definitely recommend this product!!

The best wallpaper

We have ordered custom wallpaper twice from here and they’re amazing. So quick and easy to work with!! We own a spa and use it in there and it makes the whole entire space!!! It was very tricky to install, but not because of the wallpaper it was because of the pattern. Highly recommend.


Bought this for my daughter’s nursery and my husband was able to complete it within 2 hours. Appears just as the pictures show!

Boho Spring Mural
Sandra Hardin
Difficult but Beautiful

My son installed this in the nursery for their first baby. He is an engineer and said it was difficult at best and not as easy as claimed to install. It did turn out beautiful but the peel and stick he would not recommend.

Amazing Quality for price!

I’ve always wanted to wallpaper the ceiling in our kitchen, but could never find the right design that wasn’t too “busy.” This design was exactly what I was looking for, and the quality was great! The peel and stick was easy to work with and stuck great. I definitely recommend the canvas texture though.. I feel like it hides any wrinkles we weren’t able to get out! Overall very satisfied

Gorgeous, but not as easy to install as they make it seem

I loved this decal and it looks beautiful on the wall in our nursery, my only gripe is that the directions on the site say installation takes 5 minutes LOL no shot. It took hubby and me probably a few hours in total. It takes a bit to line it up and make sure it's where you want it (especially if it's the larger sizes) but that was the easy part. After it went up, the decal wasn't really coming off the backing paper so I had to slowly remove the backing paper one color at a time while smoothing the actual decal down. Definitely need two people for installation. You need patience, but it's all worth it in the end!

Vintage Botanical Wildflowers
Josephine robinson

I love the samples. They arrived in a timely manner and now I have to figure which one I will use in my project.

Beautiful, but difficult

Very very pretty, but so difficult to get everything lined up


This wallpaper was the perfect addition to the baby’s nursery. It was easier to install than I thought it would be and looks amazing!

Very pretty wallpaper sample.

I only purchased a small sample of this wallpaper. Although it is very pretty I decided it was not right for the intended area. I have no experience with the application yet.

Good instructions, not the color I expected.

I expected the background to be a little more pink than it was. But the instructions were really helpful and it was nice that they included a squeegee to take out all the bubbles. The wallpaper was nice and thick and stuck very well.

Love it! Really brings my toddler twins’ room to the next level!

The whole process was flawless! From getting quick help with ordering, to the fast shipping and the application of the wallpaper itself - it was all wonderful and easy! The quality of this wallpaper is fantastic and it looks amazing in my girls’ room! Will be ordering from this shop again soon.