Wallpapering inside RVs

Wallpapering RVs is trendy and tricky at the same time, because RVs are subject to drastic temperature fluctuation we do not recommend peel and stick products.

Are you going to be living in your RV or is it just a vacation vehicle with occasional use throughout the year? Now if the Rv is on all the time and you live on it, disregard all you read here! But if this is only for seasonal purposes read carefully below…


Other manufacturers of peel and stick wallpaper can recommend you the complete opposite, always go as per your manufacturer recommendation. Our recommendations here are base on our experience with our products, even though basic technical requirements should apply for all similar types of wallpaper in the market.

Peel and stick wallpapers like our Removable Peel and Stick or our Canvas Peel and Stick performs optimally with regulated and stable temperature between 65℉ and 80℉. Drastic temperature or humidity fluctuations will affect the long term performance of the material and the adhesive, for this reason we do not recommend them.

At the same time installing peel and stick over unfinished or unpainted surfaces, raw metal and other non wall surfaces (which is why they are often used inside RVs) are out of the guarantee of performance we can provide for our peel and stick wallpapers. 

This does not mean you cannot use it, but consider your peel and stick wallpaper will start looking off after a few months, maybe some corners lifting and some material contraction due to the temperature variation/exposure.

There are vinyl products within the signage industry that are specifically engineered to withstand the variable conditions inside and outside vehicles, but unfortunately their price point is way beyond superior to the wallpaper price. 

For a safe and lasting installation inside a vehicle old traditional wallpaper with old traditional glue (and don’t double cut, leave the overlap as is) like our Traditional Non Pasted or our Traditional Canvas Non Pasted is the best we can recommend you!

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