Best Wallpaper Type for a Nursery

For DIY we recommend a removable wallpaper type. Peel and sticks are preferred by many customers but we recommend a traditional type if you are going with an installer…

Most our customers buy peel and stick for DIY nursery projects, because babies grow into toddlers you need to consider a room update in 2-3 years, removable peel and stick like our Removable Peel and Stick or our Canvas Peel and Stick are preferred if you have smooth walls, you can take them down without damaging the wall when you are ready for a room refresh.

If you want a peel and stick in a nursery but your wall is textured then you need to go with our Long Term Peel and Stick, safety first! This is the only peel and stick material we can guarantee will hold on a regular textured wall. Some paint chips will lift during removal, but better safe than sorry.

Image via @thejoshuajanson

If you are not into peel and stick we can recommend you the Traditional Pre-pasted which is an awesome DIY traditional type of paper and with water activated glue in the back and completely removable. To take it down just spray water all over it, let it soak for a few minutes and pull it off your wall, damage free.

If you have a professional installer, request an strippable glue and always go with a traditional wallpaper type, we recommend you our Traditional Canvas Non Pasted as it is a sturdy and washable material. 

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