The Traditional Pre-pasted wallpaper is a modern and better variation of the traditional unpasted paper. It removes the step of adding the glue since it has dry water activated glue in the back, but adds the feature of an easy removal. It is designed to be installed over painted smooth and clean walls without further preparations, sizing, wallpaper primers, or liners.

Our Traditional Pre-pasted paper is our most eco-friendly solution, completely free of PVC or other chemicals. It is made out of 100% paper fiber, and 10% post-consumer waste. Despite being fiber its formulation is much more resistant than regular paper, you can try to rip it but it won’t tear easily. 

The Traditional Pre-pasted paper is Permanent and Removable at the same time! It is completely removable after use, to safely remove just add water to the wall, let it get wet and pull it off without causing damage. It can also be removed dry and should not damage your walls but it’s not guaranteed.

Can be placed in kids rooms without the risk of the kids tearing off the paper while playing as it can happen with removable peel & stick wallpaper.

Pre-pasted Installation Facts:

Permanent installations to last for many years. While it is wet you can adjust its placement but once it gets dry it cannot be repositioned. Can be placed anywhere at home and can also be sealed with a varnish when used in areas like bathrooms. 

Traditional materials are preferred by professional installers but why? When installing you can easily correct its position while it’s still wet by sliding it; it “moves” on the wall without needing to remove and reposition it. This feature makes it ideal for complex areas where the wallpaper needs to be placed around windows, doors, or irregular shaped spaces: slanted walls, arches or curves. Peel and stick materials work great for non complex walls but they can be tricky to position around complex places. 

Installation is more technical, preparation is needed since it requires water, a place to prepare the panels that are about to be installed, the wall and area around will probably get wet during the process and just installed wallpaper needs to be washed up of excess glue right after installation.

For our Traditional Pre-pasted paper sizing, liners and wallpaper glue are optional but not necessary since this material has dry glue in the back to be water activated and pasted to a painted wall.

It can be installed with extra wallpaper glue but there are factors to consider: When used as directed this wallpaper is completely removable by adding water, can even be removed dry while causing little to no damage to the wall. But when installed with extra wallpaper glue the removal process will be as per the specifications of the wallpaper glue manufacturer. We cannot guarantee there won't be reactions or interactions between original and added glue so due testing needs to be performed before deciding to install with extra glue.

Can be easily repaired 

For a very long term install of more than 5 years Removable Peel and stick can degrade over time depending on the condition of the wall, sun exposure and temperature change, but the Traditional Pre-pasted paper will remain and can be easily repaired by adding wallpaper glue if there are lifting corners. 

Need to Know 

Traditional Wallpapers in general are not suitable for any type of textured wall, if your walls are textured you need to smoothen the wall first before applying Traditional Pre-pasted Wallpaper. So double check in our Installation Surface article to determine if you have or not texture on your wall before moving forward.

Removable after use is not the same as repositionable! A repositionable wallpaper as a removable peel and stick means after removal the glue in the back is still active and good to reuse. You can in theory remove a peel and stick from one wall and paste it on another. With the Traditional Pre-pasted the removal process will not allow a repositioning since the glue won’t reactivate again. However you can reuse a Traditional Pre-pasted wallpaper with a careful removal and adding wallpaper glue in the second install.

Bottom Line

The Traditional Pre-pasted wallpaper has an overall longer lifespan than a removable peel and stick wallpaper, will last for many years and can be removed easily after use. Can be repaired and sealed. If you are considering a professional installation this material is preferred by them. 

If you are familiar with traditional wallpapers this is a huge jump forward and definitely recommend it to try on your walls!