Why do you sell so many wallpaper materials?

Because after years going through customer issues it’s not a scenario of one material to fit all walls.

We are just trying to cover every need, we hate to say : “well… yes you like our arts, but our wallpaper is not for your walls”. Well… there were times when we had to say this, and that’s why we have a lot of papers today.

We have materials for EVERY wall (and budget) there is! 

Now, how to dissect this to make your decision as a customer? We know you don’t want to go through 2 hours of technical lecture before deciding on which material to get.

Peel and Stick are convenient and amazing but they are not free of technical challenges, and a successful install (staying put) depends on the wall itself.

Ask me, I will sell only one type of removable peel and stick: Polyester Fabric Peel and Stick is the best there is in the market. Tear resistant, PVC free, amazing colors and ultra matte finish. And yet it is the least affordable wallpaper.

That’s why we offer vinyl options. The Removable Peel and Stick has a flat finish while the Canvas Peel and Stick has a beautiful textured finish. Both materials are top quality vinyl with removable adhesive, they work great over completely smooth walls but they are not suitable for textured walls. 

Any of our removable peel and stick materials will last for as long as you need them over a smooth painted wall, but they will remain removable without damaging the wall.

If your wall is painted and smooth do not install Long Term Peel and Stick, it might deeply damage the wall during removal. 

If your wall is mildly textured, then the Long Term will be way easier to remove, will last for as long as you need, it is the only material from our catalog that will hold over a textured wall.

Not a peel and stick fan? No worries, we are here for all of you! 

Our Traditional Pre-Pasted can be used by pros as well as DIYers, the water activated glue in the back simplifies the installation process a lot. 

Traditional wallpaper should not be used over textured walls, skim coating the wall might be required to smooth out any texture. 

Peel and stick wallpapers are not professional grade wallpapers. When hiring a pro. stay away from them, unless your installer has experience with peel and stick. Even better, consider using traditional wallpaper options. Traditional wallpapers can be installed using strippable glue that won’t damage your walls during removal.

Traditional Non Pasted options are commercial grade papers, reserved for professional installers, ask your installer before selecting the Traditional Non Pasted or the Canvas Non Pasted.

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