Permanent Wallpapers: Facts and Reality

The lifespan of a traditional wallpaper with quality professional installation is between 15 years Traditional Non Pasted and up to 20 years in case of Traditional Canvas Non Pasted. Nothing is eternal or “permanent” anymore. 

Our traditional wallpapers are strippable in a single piece, depending on the wall preparation they might be more or less difficult to remove but they are designed to avoid scraping the walls, in the past traditional wallpapers were very hard to remove. 

How long until it starts showing signs of decadence

It truly depends on each project, just the material itself cannot guarantee durability because in a wallpaper project there are factors like installation technique, installer skill, how much traffic will withstand, location, wall preparation and condition, in the long run even sun exposure is also to consider. 

Mindful preparation and attention to details is the key for a long lasting wallpaper no matter the use: a great professional installer, with skills for accurately preparing the surface, a wallpaper liner under the wallpaper, a durable quality professional wallpaper material preferably a commercial grade vinyl like our Traditional Canvas Non Pasted. A uv-resistant non yellowing varnish to finish it up.

Wallpapers can have a long life if well cared for:

We have 2017 customers with their removable wallpaper still intact. 

Check our recommendations, avoid low VOC paints, clean your walls before installing, avoid drastic temperature fluctuations, follow instructions and your removable wallpaper will stay there for as long as you need it. 

Securing your removable installation with double sided tape in the edges can make your wallpaper stay in even better conditions through time. If you want to learn how to you can follow this guide: How to Repair Peel and Stick

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