Removable Wallpapers: What Does it Mean?

Fun fact: all our wallpapers are “removable” in one way or another….

Don't be afraid technology has moved forward and the nightmare of scraping walls is long past (at least at this shop)

For the easiest removal a “removable” wallpaper type is recommended. Removable wallpapers are great in sections of low compromise, when you will be re-decorating in a couple years, like a nursery or just about anywhere at home. Trends change a lot and for that is great to secure a fast removal to move forward.

Our “removalbe” wallpapers are:

Removable Peel and Stick - pull it off gently and that’s it 

Canvas Peel and Stick - pull it off and you are done

Traditional Pre-Pasted - add water, let it soak and remove from the wall damage free

The condition of the wall also influences the removal. If your wall has very old flat paint, or if it was just primed with a single layer of flat primer, expect some paint chips to fall off with your removable wallpaper.

Our Long Term Peel and Stick is not in the category of removable wallpapers because it’s strong adhesive. We recommend it for textured walls but do expect paint chips during removal, depending on the wall surface it can lift more or less paint but will not “bond” to your wall. It is strippable in a single piece and heating it with a blow dryer helps a lot with the removal process. 

Both our non pasted traditional wallpapers: Traditional Non Pasted and Traditional Canvas Non Pasted are strippable materials. Just make sure to request your installer a strippable type of glue to simplify the removal process.

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