Peel and Stick Wallpaper to last for long time

Answering customer questions:  I just wanted your opinion on if I should go with Long Term Peel and Stick or Removable Peel and Stick. I plan to leave it on for a very long time.

I know this statement will seem vague but will explain in depth: the best choice of peel and stick depends on the wall itself. 

Removable Peel and Stick are designed to perform optimally over smooth (flat) walls. They are removable or temporary due to the fact that you can take them off the wall without much hassle or wall damage like with traditional wallpapers, but they will not jump off your walls after a couple years (like: “that’s it I am done”). When your walls are smooth, clean and painted (with no stain blocking paint)  the removable peel and stick will stay put for as long as you need it. It is possible that after 3 - 4 years in place you might see (or not) a small corner lifting (and this can also happen with traditional papers) but, in this scenario a spray glue or double sided tape can fix the issue. 

In fact the longer a Removable Peel and Stick stays on the wall the better the hold, when you are removing a removable peel and stick that has been there for 5 years we recommend heating the material with a blow dryer a bit, before proceeding with the removal.

Remember there are a ton of videos showing how easy it is to remove a removable peel and stick wallpaper, and it is very easy, but they do not tell us for how long the material has been on the wall. Recently installed peel and stick is much easier to remove than old one. 

If your wall is painted with flat or matte finish and it is smooth to touch I would never recommend installing the Long Term, it might deeply damage your wall during removal. Any of our removable peel and stick will last for many many years over a smooth painted wall.

Truly removable peel and stick wallpapers are not safe when used over textured surfaces, the hold on the wall is unpredictable, it might stay put or not. From the circumstances that can cause a fall off the wall, texture on the surface is always a common factor.

If your wall is mildly textured and painted satin to gloss, then the Long Term Peel and Stick will be way easier to remove, will last for as long as you need it and it is also the only material from the peel and stick we offer that will hold over a textured wall.

Wallpaper installed in a frame

Now... Securing you wallpaper will for sure guarantee a healthy lasting on the wall. The image above was shared by a beautiful customer, we recommended a removable wallpaper for smooth walls, but this rooms is dedicated to Airbnb. They came with the idea of framing it to avoid the risk of guests picking the wallpaper. Securing, top, bottoms, and sides with a black trim will give them peace of mind in the present, and a swift removal in the future.

I hope this helps!

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