Wallpaper for Commercial Locations

Commercial locations are by definition high traffic areas, we do not recommend removable peel and stick, nor even peel and stick products for your commercial space and this is why…


There is one main reason why we do not recommend peel and stick on a commercial location: Traffic, and by it we mean use and abuse. Customer curiosity is the main cause for a ruined wallpaper in a commercial location, clients picking and lifting a corner in a moment of boredom while they wait for your service.

If you are planning to use peel and stick in your commercial space even with the Long Term Peel and Stick, avoid installing it in areas where your customers have access to, in waiting rooms or bathrooms. 

Peel and stick wallpapers are cute and far easier to work with, less messy and budget friendly because you do not need an installer if you are on a budget. But they are not professional grade wallcoverings. If you want your business to look serious and stand out with a wallpaper you need commercial grade products.

For a professional looking and lasting wallpaper we can only recommend you out Traditional Canvas Non Pasted which is a grade II commercial grade wallpaper (our only commercial grade wallpaper), hire a professional wallpaper hanger, use a heavy duty glue and if possible a sealant on top, to help it stay at it’s best for years to come. 

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  • nadia

    Hi my boss owns a shopping center in ville st-laurant, approx. 40 stores.
    we have a wall in the mall that would like to put wall paper design. do you have something nice to recommend?

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