Choosing wallpaper for interior decoration

Peel and Stick wallpapers are becoming an absolute favorite for home refresh projects as they are way easier to use than traditional options. But there are a few things you need to consider…

Because wallpaper and in general home decor trends are passing every 5-6 years a removable type of wallpaper is a favorite for home decor projects. No matter if it’s big or small, simplifying the removal process is an absolute if you want to refresh the walls without the pain of scraping a wall to take off a grandma’s wallpaper.

Peel and Stick options are becoming a favorite among DIY customers, and if your walls are smooth then removable peel and stick types are perfect for you: Removable Peel and Stick or Canvas Peel and Stick.

If your wall is textured then you need to go with our Long Term Peel and Stick, always Safety First! This is the only peel and stick material we can guarantee will hold on a regular textured wall. Some paint chips will lift during removal, but better safe than sorry.

If you are not into peel and stick we can recommend you the Traditional Pre-pasted which is an awesome DIY traditional type of paper and with water activated glue in the back and completely removable. To take it down just spray water all over it, let it soak for a few minutes and pull it off your wall, damage free.

If you are hiring a professional for this job, I do recommend to stay away from peel and stick and better go with a traditional wallpaper, we offer a 100% fiber paper Traditional Non Pasted which is a thick and ultra matte finish heavy wallcovering paper, or you can go with our super sturdy and commercial grade II vinyl Traditional Canvas Non Pasted.

If you want to learn more about why we do not recommend peel and stick when working with a pro you can check this awesome article:

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  • Roberta

    Hello, Can you please tell me if you have any grass cloth wallpaper?

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