What constitutes Defects or Damage in Peel and Stick (and what not)

Check thoroughly your order upon arrival, before application. We recommend doing a “trial installation” on the floor. Defects or flaws need to be reported BEFORE installing your order. 

What Makes a Defective product?

Upon arrival:

  • Discoloration between panels in the same order.
  • Color change between panels. 
  • Misalignments during panel checkup. 
  • Cuts. 
  • Bents. 
  • Scratches. 

Installed Merchandise:

When the glue and the wallpaper separates, the glue stays attached to the wall but the wallpaper falls off. 

What is Not considered a Defect ?

Upon Arrival:

  • The color is different from screen, for more details check our Color Disclaimer
  • Order Color does not match with Samples of different Material (all print different).
  • Measurements were ordered wrong.
  • Material is not suitable for the project.

Installed Merchandise:

  • Panel Misalignments on the wall: Check your order before application. Do not proceed to install if you notice something wrong. Installing Defective Merchandise is accepting the condition in which the items were received. 
  • Lifting issues not including adhesive separation are considered Environment/Surface Condition Problems

  • Since we cannot control installation methods and surface conditions in which our products will be applied, we cannot guarantee results. 

    This is a guide to help you determine whether your wallpaper is Defective and when it’s not (or not applicable). But if you have a problem with your order no matter the cause we are here to help. Please contact us at support@kokoartshop.com