Removable Peel and Stick Wallpaper: All you need to know!

Removable wallpapers are super trending in home decor right now but why? If you have dark memories of removing hundred years old wallpaper from grandma’s house and how you pretty much had to do the walls again, then removable wallpapers are a blessing from heaven.

We offer two types of removable wallpapers: Removable Peel&Stick and Canvas Peel&Stick.

Removable Peel & Stick: what’s about?

Instead of using the classic wallpaper glue a removable wallpaper is a wall film with active glue in the back protected by a backing paper. To install you remove the backing paper little by little and paste the adhesive side to the wall.

Not all removable wallpapers are formulated the same way. Our Koko Art Shop removable wallpapers are specially engineered to be completely stable and removable when installed on painted, clean and smooth walls. 

The adhesive in the back of this wallpaper is a very technical type of glue that holds perfectly on the wall but can be removed by peeling it off without damaging the wall or the paint. This is also great because if you have a mishap during installation just remove it and place it back in the right position.

This wallpaper is easy to use, mainly installed by non professionals. Installing wallpaper is not as hard as a math exam but is not as easy as chopping a salad, it does take time for sure with patience and help from a friend you can do it! 

It is very important to point out that just because it is removable does not mean it will fall off your wall after some time. Our removable wallpaper will stay in place until you decide to remove it.

Need to Know

Removable wallpapers are almost perfect but they are not recommended for textured walls. If your wall is not completely smooth then it’s textured! So double check in our Safety Information article to determine if you have or not texture on your wall before moving forward.

Removable wallpapers are recommended for walls painted with finishes with some shine like eggshell, satin or gloss. Because of the porous composition of matte and flat paint a removable wallpaper can adhere harder than usual.

Removable wallpapers are not suitable for bathrooms with humidity, places with constant temperature changes, they need controlled temperature. Consider if you go on vacation not to turn off your air conditioning completely

Are you renting?

Removable wallpapers are the answer for a beautiful decor if you are renting. It will come down very easily and because it won’t damage the wall no need to worry about losing your deposit. Since you can do it yourself with no need of a professional installer you can keep your decor under budget.

Like to decorate and re-decorate

The most amazing feature: zero commitment. Don’t like it after six months just remove it and move forward with your next decor. Because its glue is soft it can be used in many DIY projects at home, decorating furniture, cabinets, headboards, drawer liners, and stair risers. In general removable wallpapers work best on finished or painted surfaces, avoid using it over raw surfaces, unsealed wood or plywood. 

Bottom line

Ideal for renters as well as homeowners, with no commitment, if you decide to remove it won't cause damage. Ideal for painted smooth walls and furniture. 

Removable wallpapers are amazing and the best solution for almost everyone but you need to double check first if they are the right solution for you.

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