Black & White Arizona Wallpaper
Black & White Arizona Wallpaper
Black & White Arizona Wallpaper
Black & White Arizona Wallpaper
Black & White Arizona Wallpaper
Black & White Arizona Wallpaper
Black & White Arizona Wallpaper
Black & White Arizona Wallpaper
Black & White Arizona Wallpaper

Black & White Arizona Wallpaper


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Feeling the desert out of this wallpaper? An awesome concept to mix in a simple yet smoothly decorative print. Boho and minimalist design to go anywhere at home. Better combined with wood and neutral tones and perfect for gender neutral decorations.

This design has a straight repeat every 24 inches horizontally and every 24 inches vertically. For any of the measurements available the design will always be the same at the  top. 

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      The sample has a 8 1/2" x 11" detail view in true scale of the wallpaper as well as a scaled preview of the full design setting including all elements within the print.

      Our wallpapers are sold by panels. To cover one entire wall you will need multiple panels. You can order multiple panels in the Quantity selector.

      We offer wide range of panel heights for all types of projects. When combining panel heights within an order, the design match to panel top.

      All our wallpapers have a straight match, so they match when you put one next to the other.

      Peel and Stick for DIY projects:

      The best peel and stick in the market is Polyester Fabric Peel and Stick, if you want nothing but the best, this is the one for you: tear resistant, PVC free, removable, amazing colors and ultra matte finish.

      More affordable options: the Removable Peel and Stick has a flat finish while the Canvas Peel and Stick has a beautiful textured finish. Both materials are top quality vinyls with removable adhesive, they work great over smooth walls but they are not suitable for textured walls. 

      Any of our removable peel and stick materials will last for as long as you need them over a smooth painted wall. They will remain removable and won't damage  the wall when you decide to take them off.

      If your wall is painted and smooth, do not install Long Term Peel and Stick, it might deeply damage the wall during removal. 

      If your wall is mildly textured, then the Long Term will be way easier to remove, will last for as long as you need, it is the only material from our catalog that will hold over a textured wall.

      Peel and stick wallpapers are convenient and beautiful but they are not professional grade, only traditional wallpapers are professional grade papers. 

      Traditional for the Pros:

      When hiring a professional installer consider using traditional options. Traditional wallpapers can be installed with strippable glue to simplify removal.

      Traditional wallpaper should not be used over textured walls, skim coating the wall might be required to smooth out any texture. 

      Our Traditional Pre-Pasted can be used by pros as well as DIYers, the water activated glue in the back simplifies installation process. 

      Traditional Non Pasted options are commercial grade papers, reserved for professional installers, ask your installer before selecting the Traditional Non Pasted or the Canvas Non Pasted.

      Everything is made to order. Production takes 5-7 business days. We cannot expedite Production. 

      Shipping Upgrades are for transit times only.

      Signature Confirmation is required for orders over $100.00 value.


      We are experiencing minor supply chain disruptions. Some materials might be in Backorder.

      When ordering a material in Backorder, consider extending the processing up to 2 weeks.

      We do our best to ensure that our photos are as true to color as possible. However each one of our wallpaper Materials look a bit different once printed.

      We cannot guarantee that the color you see on your screen is the exact color of the final product.

      We recommend purchasing a Sample first.

      Check our full Color Disclaimer

      Wallpapers are custom printed, we cannot re-stock or re-sell them. We do not accept returns for this item. But if you have any problem with your order please contact us.

      Check our Refund Policy

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      Your wall needs to be painted for a successful install... and dry. Recently painted walls need to dry for 4 to 6 weeks. When painting with low VOC paints you need to wash the wall with rubbing alcohol prior wallpapering.

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      The wall needs to be in good conditions and clean, no cracking paint, humidity spots, stains, or dust. If you are not sure about your type of paint wash the wall with rubbing alcohol prior wallpapering.

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      Removable Peel and Stick needs to be installed over a smooth wall, free of texture or decorative finishes. They are are not safe when installed over textured walls.

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      Make sure the wallpaper is suitable for the surface of your wall.

      Install on painted walls, clean, and in good conditions, not cracking paint, do not install directly over joint compound. Do not use wallpaper to cover old wallpaper. Recently painted walls need to dry for 4 weeks prior a wallpaper install.

      LEARN HOW TO >



      Removable peel and stick preforms optimally with regulated and stable temperature between 65℉ and 80℉. Drastic temperature or humidity fluctuations will affect the long term performance of the material. Do not install your wallpaper in areas without temperature regulation, avoid bathrooms with excessive humidity.


      Do not use a wallpaper to cover old wallpaper. Peel and stick wallpapers are to be installed on painted walls, not to cover stains, or previous wallpapers. They can either fall off, or stick so strong you won’t be able to remove it. The outcome can be unpredictable. 


      All elements you want to hang on a wall with wallpaper need to be physically attached to the wall using nails or screws. Never glue baby signs, decor or shelving with double sided tape to a wallpaper. The wallpaper will fall off along with all heavy elements attached. 



      It's only $2.00 and with free shipping 🤩

      Check color and wall adhesion before going big.

      Test a sample in the same wall you are planning to wallpaper 

      HOW TO TRY >


      USE A

      The first tool you will need in your wallpaper project is a measuring tape.

      ⛔️ Never use a phone app to measure a wall, they are not as accurate as they seem.


      Measure Width and Height of your space in inches, never work with fractions, round up to the next integer number.

      Measure Height vertically floor to ceiling, and Width horizotally wall to wall.


      Walls are almost never perfectly straight. Take the same measurements in different places: measure Width at top and bottom of the wall, measure Height at left and right edge. While Width and Height “should” be consistent don’t worry if numbers are 1 - 2 inches off, this means your wall has a small deformation. 

      When ordering always add a couple inches to each measurement to stay safe in case of wall deformations.


      Measure the tallest and widest point. Cut the remnants during installation


      Measure the overall area Width and Height, as if there were no windows or doors. Install and cut around the elements when applying 


      Either combine the width of the walls and submit only one order. Or submit separate measurements as individual murals, request the art to match throughout them.


      Patterns with a steady repeat rate are sold by panels. To cover one entire wall you will need multiple panels. Order multiple panels in the Quantity selector. We offer a wide range of panel heights to accommodate all types of projects.

      All our wallpapers have a straight match, so they match when you put them one next to the other.

      When combining panel heights within an order, consider the design always match at the top.



      Wallpaper custom printed in your selected substrate.
      Crafted for different installation methods, uses and locations.

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      Not all peel and stick wallpapers are safe when installed over texture. Use only our Long-Term Peel and Stick if your walls are textured or have any irregular finish.

      NEED TO KNOW...


      We do our best to ensure that our photos are as true to color as possible. However, each Material looks different once printed.

      Your finished order may be slightly different than it appears in the preview. If you are not sure on the right material for your project we recommend purchasing samples of all...

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      All our materials are non toxic, thick, durable and can be used by non professionals. Eco Friendly Latex Digital Printing, Green-guard Gold Certification. All products and materials USA made.

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