Smooth Matte Self Adhesive Wallpaper


Thick and semirigid self-adhesive wallpaper it will not crease, deform, or stretch unless submitted to extreme force. The printing technology is Eco Friendly Digital Printing with Greenguard Gold Certificatification inks. The wallpaper finish is smooth and matte but consider the inks have a sateen finish, once printed on the paper this material will be as matte as the saturation levels of the print. For light prints the wallpaper surface very matte and with dark wallpapers the finish will be slightly sateen.

The wallpaper has a medium adhesion level with an endurance of a minimum of 3 years for exterior applications, which means in interiors this wallpaper will have a life of 5 years minimum, far double that any regular self adhesive wallpaper brand. Since this wallpaper has a adhesion stronger than regular strength it can be used in more complex and even slightly textured surfaces, it will always be repositionable during installation but please follow the detailed installation instructions.