To talk about the Permanent Peel & Stick we need first to lay out the general purpose of non permanent ones. We have 2 different removable wallpapers: Removable P&S and Canvas P&S, both are very similar. The Removable P&S has a flat finish while the Canvas P&S has a beautiful textured finish. Both are amazing for almost all types of regular interior rooms, nursery, bedroom, hallway, living room. If your walls are smooth the removable wallpaper will be the solution. They can be easily repositioned, they are very easy to install, and once you are done can be removed without damaging the wall underneath. But removable wallpapers are susceptible to constant humidity changes (bathrooms), wear and tear from being exposed to commercial locations, they are not compatible with textured walls (if your walls are textured don’t even think of it). 

For all the scenarios where a removable wallpaper just won’t work there is the Permanent Peel&Stick, the quality and look is the same as the Removable Peel&Stick but the adhesive is much stronger. You can use it over textured walls and it will behave as a removable, this is actually our gold standard when a customer has texture on the walls (just trust us and go with this one). If you are installing a full bathroom or a laundry room this is the one to go. If you are doing a commercial space it is the one we recommend and can even be installed in an exterior wall with 6 month guarantee of adhesion without sun discoloration. Having a strong adhesive doesn’t make it much harder to install since the adhesive remains removable during the installation process but once it’s there for a few hours it will remain there for as long as you need. It will remove some paint off the wall once removed.

You can do it:

If you have a low complexity textured wall (no windows or doors) installing this will be just like installing a removable wallpaper. Yes you can perfectly do it, read the instructions, watch the video a couple times and be patient. The adhesive of this material never fully develops when the wall is textured so depending on your wall you might even remove it from a textured wall without causing much damage to the paint.

If your area is complex, you need a permanent adhesion over a smooth surface, inside a bath, and have elements on the wall as doors or windows, we advise you to look for the help of a pro.

Or look for an experienced professional:

Peel and Stick materials are a world of their own, A traditional wallpaper installer might not have the knowledge to work with peel and stick materials, even less a permanent one. This is a fact of life we have experienced many times. The day of installation they arrive and find a peel and stick, some might just leave, others might try to make it and it doesn’t go right. It is common for a professional traditional wallpaper installer to be handed a peel and stick and just bypass all instructions for use, an extremely high percentage of customer service inquiries for installation issues involve a professional installer. 

Having all this information laid out we have discovered the best equipped pros for a Permanent Peel&Stick wallpaper is a Signage and Printing installer more than a trad. wallpaper pro. A Signage, Car Wrap, and Printing installer works with vinyls with permanent adhesive with very similar installation methods than the ones that need to be used with our Permanent Peel&Stick. 

Always let them know:

Always let them know this is a material designed for walls, the adhesion develops over time to build up to Permanent, it can be heated when necessary, heat also speeds the adhesive development process. It is recommended for walls painted with finishes with some shine like eggshell, satin or gloss, on flat or matte walls the development is almost immediate. 

Other factors to consider:

As all peel and stick avoid using it over a recently painted wall, the fumes for a recently painted wall ruin permanently the adhesive of this wallpaper. Wait at least 4 weeks after painting to install a wallpaper

This wallpaper has a matte surface but because of the level of ink saturation on very dark prints this wallpaper can look more satin than flat matte. Order a sample if you want to check the shine with dark prints.