The Romantic Bouquet Wallpaper Mural

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The quality of this print when taken into a big scale looks a bit odd, each one of our product has a different story and this one has been extremely requested and it is one of our bestsellers at Etsy, we were a little hesitant at the beginning but people just loved it, general response has been the fact that when installed on the wall it looks much more amazing than when it’s in separated pieces.

A wallpaper mural is just like a wallpaper but the elements in the print have a big scale. Murals do not have a steady repeat as wallpapers for that reason we make them based on your measurements. 

Your wallpaper mural will be divided in panels to facilitate installation.



The Scaled Sample 8x10 inches contains a scaled version of the mural so you can appreciate all the elements within as well as the original color setting. Your final mural will contain all the elements in the sample but on a much bigger scale.

The Sample 12x24 inches contains a true scale section of your mural so you can appreciate detailed art quality.

Insert the measurements in inches for the Width and Height of your Mural. Select the desired Material for your order. Murals are custom made as per the measurements you insert. Measure twice before ordering. We recommend to add a couple extra inches to be on the safe side.

Your Mural will be divided in even panels to facilitate installation. 

We will email you a Mural Art Proof within 2 business days of placing the order. This will be the time to make any adjustments before printing.

Provide a valid email associated to your account.

Risk Free: If 10 days have gone and we cannot reach out to you we will refund your order.

Our products are made to order. No modifications or cancellations are available once the order is in Production. 

Production times are of 5-7 business days but depends on current order volume. We cannot expedite Production.

Shipping Upgrades are for Transit times only.

Signature Confirmation is required upon delivery for orders more than $100.00 value.

Samples 8x10 with Free Shipping do not track, if you need to follow tracking we recommend a Shipping Upgrade.

We do our best to ensure that our photos are as true to color as possible. However, due to inconsistencies of various monitors, lighting sources, digital photography and material variations, we cannot guarantee that the color you see on your screen accurately portrays the true color of the product. Screen images are intended as a guide only and should not be regarded as absolutely correct. The finished product may be slightly different than it appears in the preview. We recommend purchasing a Sample first.

Check our full Color Disclaimer

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Nancy C
Girl nursery

Loved how the nursery for our baby girl turned out! Husband and u got it done in about 3 hours.

Jen S
Love it!!

I love my accent wall. It was easy enough to install on my own. It took me about 2 1/2-3 hours to do it. There are a few bubbles but they are not that visible so it doesn’t bother me. My only issue was that I didn’t measure my wall correctly and I have a few inches left on one side of my wall. Otherwise, it would be prefect. But great quality and awesome product. I have gotten a lot of compliments from my clients when they see my background during my meetings.

maggie kyle
very beautiful

it's so pretty and mesmerizing. I have this in my bedroom and I love it. you get exactly what you ask for. super easy to put up too. totally recommend it.

Same art - different papers

Wallpaper materials

Too many options and wonder how to choose the best paper for you? 

It depends on living situation, area of installation, projected use and experience level.

We want to make it easy while covering almost all possible scenarios. 

Swipe for more in depth information >

preferred by beginners

Removable Peel & Stick

Easy to use wallpaper with active adhesive in the back protected by a backing paper.  It has a flat smooth matte finish, always removable and repositionable, it is thick, completely opaque and durable for long or short term installations. Perfect for beginners with zero mess, just remove the backing paper and paste to the wall. It will stay in place until you decide to remove it.


Ideal for renters. Because it is completely removable you will have no residue, lifted paint or damage on the wall the day you decide to remove it.

Zero commitment. Got bored after 6 months, or just have a new decor idea, no problem, remove it and move forward.

Bright and sharp colors. From all our materials this is the one where the colors look at it’s best. 


Not suitable for full bathrooms with humidity exposure.

For smooth walls only. Never install over a textured wall.

Toddlers and small kids might have a tendency to peel off this wallpaper.

Because of the ink saturation in very dark prints it looks more satin than matte.

Do not install over recently painted walls.

Beginners with luxury in mind

Canvas Peel&Stick

Luxury canvas texture finish peel and stick wall film, preferred by beginners and also recommended for pros. Has a stronger grade adhesive than the Removable Peel&Stick but it is still removable and repositionable. Thick, completely opaque and durable for long or short term installations, it will stay put until you decide to remove it. 


It’s beautiful texture will add up so much richness to the print! Everything looks awesome over this amazing paper.

This wallpaper adheres a bit stronger than the Removable Peel&Stick.

For small kids it’s harder to remove.


Removal needs to be a little more careful since it might lift some paint chips.

Not suitable for full bathrooms with humidity exposure.

For smooth walls only. Never install over a textured wall.

Colors look a bit more pale compared with the Removable Peel&Stick.

Professional Installers & experienced DIY

Permanent Peel & Stick

Flat matte finish peel and stick wall film with PERMANENT adhesive. The strong adhesive allows permanent installation over flat and textured surfaces. Perfect for complex areas. Allows humidity exposure. Recommended for experienced users, textured walls and overall for professionals.


Definitely for homeowners and long term installations. If you want to keep it for a long time this is the product for you.

Can be used over textured walls! The only Peel&Stick we recommend for texture on the walls.

Can be installed inside bathrooms with humidity exposure.

Very recommended for business locations with high traffic and people interacting with the wallpaper. 

Bright and sharp colors. From our materials this is one where the colors look at it’s best. 


Hanging this wallpaper is very technical. We recommend more professionals with signage experience than traditional wallpaper installers.

Will definitely lift paint when removed. Get ready for a wall repair when you decide to take it off.

Do not install over recently painted walls.

Because of the ink saturation in very dark prints it looks more satin than matte.

Professional Installers & experienced DIY

Traditional Pre-pasted

Fiber based paper post consumer waste sourced. Our greenest wallpaper alternative. Smooth flat ultra matte finish with water activated glue in the back. Add water and paste to the wall. Preferred by professional installers. Can be installed with extra generic wallpaper glue. For long term permanent application. Can be removed by adding water.


Definitely for homeowners and long term installations. If you want to keep it for a long time this is the product for you.

Most ecologic wallpaper option in the market!

Always super ultra matte finish.

No wallpaper liners, wallpaper primer or sizing needed. If the walls are painted and in good conditions you are good to go.

Can be installed with extra wallpaper generic glue.

Easily removed by adding water to the wallpaper. Spray abundant water all over the wall and you will be able to peel it off without damaging the wall. Need to wash the wall after.


Complex install compared to a peel&stick, it requires water and booking the wallpaper before applying it to the wall. 

Recommended for very experienced users or professionals. 

Not suitable for textured walls. Never try to install it over texture. 

Colors in this paper look overall more pale than with our other materials.

Not suitable for full bathrooms with humidity exposure. If you want to use it in a bathroom we recommend using a wallpaper sealer after installation. 

better prectices

Wallpaper Installation

Install on painted walls, clean, and in good conditions, not cracking paint, do not install directly over joint compound. Do not use wallpaper to cover old wallpaper. Recently painted walls need to dry for 4 weeks prior a wallpaper install.

Clear one hour of your agenda per panel to install. 

All orders and samples include a detailed instruction with important tips and tricks. All wallpaper brands are different, we strongly advise to install following our instructions.

How to install wallpaper >

Quality and Safety

Manufacture Technology

All our materials are non toxic, thick, durable and can be used by non professionals. Eco Friendly Latex Digital Printing, Green-guard Gold Certification. All products and materials USA made. 

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